Build & Support the CCE

Build & Support the CCE Field

For over 20 years, NCCE has served as the only state-based organization dedicated to building, expanding, and sustaining the higher education community and civic engagement field (CCE) in North Carolina. We seek to provide support both to the institution and to the individuals leading the work to ensure it is strong and persistent throughout the institution. We convene presidents and chancellors providing them with knowledge and information to help champion engagement locally. We provide training and professional development for the administrators, staff, and faculty who lead the CCE efforts on our member campuses (we refer to them as CEPs – community engagement professionals). We host gatherings and opportunities for CEPs to exchange ideas and share best practices. We recognize and celebrate the impactful work happening throughout the state. We publish documents and provide funding and resources to support the field. We are also always seeking new ways to deepen our work. Learn about our current programming and reach out if you have ideas for how we can deepen our efforts to serve our member institutions and the state.