Contributions of Civic and Community Engagement in Higher Education Series


The series Contributions of Civic and Community Engagement in Higher Education is produced by the Community of Practice, Inquiry, and Learning (COPIL) of North Carolina Campus Engagement. Focused on the benefits and value of civic and community engagement (CCE) in higher education, the series has two parts. 

Primer on the Benefits and Value of Civic and Community in Higher Education

The Primer provides an overview of each of 17 topical areas organized into three categories (priorities related to students, to institutions, and to communities) and is designed as an accessible and evidence-based introduction to some of the key priorities that well-designed CCE can advance.

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Civic & Community Engagement Benefits Topical Briefs

The briefs provide more developed information on the the topical areas in the Primer. They are intended to support ongoing exploration and inquiry in each of these areas and to guide ongoing deepening of practice.

Neither the Primer nor this topical briefs are comprehensive, but we do believe the topics included— selected through discussions within COPIL and consultation with CCE thought leaders—are among the most relevant for this moment in the evolution of CCE and in our nation’s history. Neither the topics nor the work of CCE fit neatly into these categories; the topical priorities and the contributions of CCE to them are as deeply interwoven as the CCE work of community members, students, staff, and faculty is interdependent.

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We are grateful to Patti Clayton and PHC Ventures for co-sponsoring the Contributions of Civic and Community Engagement Series. 

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