Civic and Community Engagement Benefits Topical Briefs

The Topical Briefs are a set of more developed pieces on the topical areas included in the Primer on the Benefits and Value of Higher Education Civic and Community Engagement. They are intended to support ongoing exploration and inquiry in each of these areas and to guide ongoing deepening of practice. The Topical Briefs are one component of the Contributions of Higher Education Civic and Community Engagement Series.

In 2023 we released five briefs. The set of topical briefs may be expanded in the coming years as additional topics seem important to include and as additional practitioner-scholarship becomes available.

Each brief includes a summary of the topic and the role of higher education in general and CCE in particular in advancing it, an annotated list of associated scholarship, and a list of references and additional readings; quotes from students, alums, community members, faculty, staff, and literature related to CCE serve to concretize the possibilities and the stakes.



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