For the second time in 2023, NC Campus Engagement partnered with the national organization, Citizen University, to bring their transformational civic identity formation curriculum to a higher education context.

The second cohort was comprised of 12 community engagement professionals from NCCE member institutions and community organizations. They gathered for a full week of immersive training, facilitated by Citizen University representatives. The curriculum encouraged a deep exploration of moral tensions in American history, an understanding of the current state of democracy, and the development of confidence to live as responsible, powerful citizens dedicated to fully participating in society.


Through a series of interactive, hands-on activities, participants investigated topics relating to civic and self identities, the power of “joining”, national morals and creeds, and power structures.

Now that the attendees participated in the civic leadership curriculum themselves, they will return to their campuses and intentionally apply the civic skill building and moral formation content into their work with students.

The Civic Confirmation ceremony marked the conclusion of the training. Participants stood before their peers to declare their visions and commitments as a newly-minted Civic Catalyst. Between personal stories, poetry, and music, there was a range of creative expressions that left those in attendance feeling inspired to live as responsible, powerful citizens. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed a pinning ceremony before breaking for a reception. 

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Citizen Redefined is a curriculum from Citizen University to support young people as they deepen understanding of and ceremonially devise their civic identity. You can learn more by clicking here.