NC Civic Impact Fellowship


2023 is the pilot year for the NC Civic Impact Fellowship (CIF). This Fellowship is an 18-month long program that empowers outstanding civic-minded student leaders across North Carolina to develop a project that will have a lasting positive impact on their campus. Fellows are Community Impact Student Award winners who are nominated by their President based on their potential to excel in civic and community service leadership. Throughout the fellowship, students engage in monthly skill-building training, attend a leadership camp, and present a project capstone.

All Fellowship nominees should meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • Selected for the Community Impact Student Award
  • Sophomore or Junior (4-year) or first year student (2-year)
  • Nominated by their institution’s president through a Presidential Letter of Approval (requested and submitted by the student’s nominator)
  • Commitment to developing, implementing, and leading an impactful project that will produce tangible results on their campus

Nomination Process

Deadline: October 6.

  1. A staff/faculty nominator selects a student for the CISA. This automatically nominates the student to be an NC Civic Impact Fellow.
  2. Nominator requests and receives a Presidential Letter of Approval to nominate the student.
  3. Nominator submit the letter of approval and student information using the CISA form.
  4. If the student wants to opt out of the Fellowship, the nominator may elect to submit the student for the CISA without attaching the Presidential Letter of Approval.